Sunday, April 02, 2006


So I set up a stamp blog and then pretty much ignore my stamp collection for three months. But I've been spending more time with it the last few days. One of the neater things I've found (I'm still working on halfpenny greens) is this stamp, which features a headless kangaroo. I call it Bashful. Bashful is an example of the dry ink variety, printed on large multiple watermark paper (BW 65ca). I'd love to be able to plate Bashful, but it's such a mess that I doubt it is possible.

It can be a challenge to decide what is a dry ink variety and what's just a poor-quality post-war printing. Bashful is so extremely badly printed that there's not much doubt. I think, as with many things, there is a continuum. Presumably as ink dried and thickened the print quality got worse and worse, until you had extremes like bashful. It might be interesting at some point to lay out a page showing stamps from perfectly printed, finely detailed copies through to messes like Bashful. Some day! Posted by Picasa